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Bridging the gap between healthcare and life science product development for better care.


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We're collaborating with start-ups who have a potential solution for COVID-19 through our innovative risk-sharing models and funding opportunities.

Healthcare Solution

EPA and OSHA approved to use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and influenza viruses. Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, as well as mildew and mold. Made in the USA

COVID-19 Outbreak

Our leaders and executive teams from MediSci are taking actions to assist at the state level and central governments to act quickly to consider all potential consequences and to implement solutions before it occurs. COVID-19 is adversely impacting health worldwide and motivating significant social and economic responses. We are using our resources to build a team to support all patients with or without insurance, provide a 24/7 nursing helpline, offer the COVID-19 test, provide remote monitoring, and dispatch medical care packages to affected patients.



Minimizing transmission: Providing COVID-19 PCR and antibody test for the front line healthcare and essential personnel.



Patient App: Biometric and symptoms reporting integrated with point of care and 24/7 nursing line.




EUA approved trials for drugs and devices used for outpatient treatment of


COVID-19 Testing

ACT Program

MediSci's ACT Program is a collaboration with the San Diego Public Health Department and LabCorp to provide COVID-19 test for the front line healthcare and essential personnel working with high-risk patients.

(Asymptomatic COVID-19 Test)

"MediSci’s Platform Leverages Amazon QLDB to Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Life Science Product Development"

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The Complete Research Optimizing System (C.R.O.S) is a patient-centered platform developed with centralized blockchain technology provided by AWS (QLDB) and developed by MediSci. It enhances and supports healthcare and medical product development. C.R.O.S improves both the quality of care and outcomes at a reduced cost.




We're reimagining healthcare. We’re increasing patient engagement with interactive IoT devices, drug event reporting, health surveys, management of secure medical information, and health-related micropayment transactions.

Product Development

Using centralized blockchain technology (QLDB), our products provide a custom ecosystem that is secure, immutable and effectively analyzes data to predict real-time outcomes, automate rule-based workflow, customize medication treatments, and target evidence-based care plans.


Increase patient engagement with continuous biometric monitoring, symptoms reporting, health rewards program, and 24/7 access to care. 

"What would medicine look like look like if people were honest, considerate, accountable and transparent"

C.R.O.S Technology

Features & Services

24/7 Call Center &

Home Healthcare Services


Virtual Trials

IoT Remote Monitoring


Patient E-Records

Amazon Health

Rewards Program


Our Goal


Our goal with CROS is to improve the value of healthcare by reducing cost and improving outcomes through early detection, prevention, coordinated care, evidence-based care, a better patient experience, and improved efficiency.

Our Mission

Transforming healthcare through a complete digitalized patient-centric platform, bringing technology to the frontline for a better health outcome for every patient.

The members of the MediSci team are motivated individuals who came together to pursue a common mission:


Improve Value and Patient Care Outcomes with MediSci

Physicians and other healthcare providers on the front line require technology, analytics, and automation of redundant processes to effectively, efficiently, and safely treat their patients. MediSci brings these coordinated technologies to the forefront in order to improve value and patient care outcomes.


MediSci’s adaptable and scalable chronic care management software and clinical trial software and solutions are highly suitable for both small as well as large healthcare organizations with thousands of medical records. Both our chronic care and clinical trial software generate and analyze data in real-time which assists physicians in developing effective treatment plans.


We’re committed to creating a culture of patient-centered healthcare in which patients are the key team player. We’ve developed transformative home healthcare services that offer biometric monitoring, reporting of symptoms, and 24/7 access to healthcare providers.


Contact us to learn more about our products designed to enhance the performance and effectiveness of your healthcare team. If you’re in Poway, CA, you’re welcome to stop by.