4 Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring for Healthcare Professionals

A patient seeking remote consultation.

Remote patient monitoring is another revolution in the healthcare industry that enables healthcare professionals to provide better care to their patients. It’s a form of telemedicine that combines different technologies to record a patient's health status in real-time and provides quick treatment.

If you’ve been planning to integrate technology into your medical practice, remote patient monitoring will be a good start. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some benefits of remote monitoring for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

Improved Management of Chronic Health Conditions

About 90 percent of the total U.S. healthcare costs go to chronic health conditions. However, the majority of chronic diseases can be alleviated with better patient management. Remote monitoring enables care providers to gather more patient-centric data, such as blood pressure levels in patients with hypertension, blood glucose, and insulin levels in diabetic patients, and oxygen levels in COVID-19 patients. Having accurate values at hand, patients can better communicate their health status to their medical providers, thus enabling them to manage patients’ conditions better before they exacerbate.

Increased Revenues for Healthcare Professionals

A doctor monitoring the patient's health status remotely on a tablet.

Remote patient monitoring can boost revenues for physicians, clinical staff, and other qualified medical professionals because of the new RPM codes 99458 and 99457 released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These codes allow healthcare professionals for reimbursement of remote patient monitoring, treatment, and management services. Further, by integrating remote patient monitoring in their practice, physicians can quickly assess patients’ electronic records, evaluate them, and suggest more accurate diagnoses and treatments. Better healthcare outcomes won't only benefit the patients, but also increase your profits.

Quicker Response

Remote patient monitoring enables physicians to respond efficiently and quickly to unexpected health emergencies. It reduces the waiting time for patients before they can get a physical appointment and prevents minor health issues from growing worse. In severe cases, remote patient monitoring could mean a difference of life and death.

Reduce the Congestion in Medical Facilities

Blocked chairs in a hospital waiting room to promote social distancing during COVID-19.

Remote patient monitoring allows patients to consult their physicians at home for minor and major health problems since patient records are collected and analyzed remotely by a qualified physician. Because of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems were already burdened by the sharp rise in the number of infection cases. The benefits of remote patient monitoring came to light during these unprecedented times when more people shifted to telemedicine to reduce the risk of virus contraction from medical facilities.

Remote patient monitoring is a result of successful collaboration between the life sciences and healthcare. If you’re a qualified provider of healthcare in Poway, this feature of telemedicine can help you provide better care to your patients, meanwhile also simplifying your workflow.

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