Exceptional Features of The Unique C.R.O.S Technology Patient-Centered Platform by MediSci

A doctor checking his electronic patients’ records via C.R.O.S. technology.

It’s no secret that the enormous field of life sciences and healthcare industry are both promising for technological advancements and innovations.

The frontline healthcare industry is all about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, whereas the life science product development focuses on the creation, production, and marketing of new treatments. If these two industries work in collaboration, they can come up with far more effective and advanced health solutions for different diseases.

Though the two functions lack the ability to collaborate as of now, MediSci is all set to confront this problem with its unique Complete Research Optimizing System (C.R.O.S). In this blog, we’ll have a closer look at our C.R.O.S technology and how it helps us enhance the quality of health care and offer more affordable outcomes.

What’s The Complete Research Optimizing System (C.R.O.S.)?

This is how the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) works.

C.R.O.S. is an advanced platform that is developed to provide better healthcare to the patients. The platform leverages Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a centralized blockchain network. Complete Research Optimizing System supports life science product development and enhances frontline healthcare quality—all at a lower cost.

The Benefits and Features Offered by MediSci’s C.R.O.S. Technology Electronic Patient Records (EPR)

Patient E-Records is one of the most prominent features of the Complete Research Optimizing System. Electronic patient records are a digital form of all the patients' files that are updated in real-time. These records make it easier for authorized healthcare providers to assess their patients’ medical histories and treatment records securely, quickly, and wherever they want without digging deep into the piles of paper forms. Furthermore, electronic patient records are more accurate, as they eliminate the risk of erroneous labeling of patient samples.

IoT Remote Monitoring Device

Internet of things bringing all devices to a single connected app.

The interactive Internet of Things (IoT) devices reinvent Frontline Healthcare with remote patient monitoring services. With IoT remote monitoring, patients don’t have to visit the medical facilities to keep tabs on their health status and understand their conditions. They have the option to go for remote consultations and treatments. These devices allow healthcare professionals to offer top-quality care with continuous monitoring of their patients’ health progress. IoT remote monitoring devices offer:

  • Remote temperature monitoring for vaccination

  • Indoor air quality monitoring via sensors

  • Monitoring of patients to see the effectiveness of a particular drug or treatment

  • Sleep monitoring

  • Biometric scanning for quality health care

And others.


A patient benefitting from telemedicine, seeking online remote consultation.

Telemedicine is another prominent feature of our unique C.R.O.S technology. It allows medical professionals to provide patients with superior quality care with remote evaluation, diagnosis, and treatments. Healthcare providers can better follow-up on their patients’ conditions, which results in improved health outcomes and fewer appointment cancellations. To patients, telemedicine offers the ease of seeking treatments and consultations from home or work, saving their time and travel costs. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine can help patients stay safe at home and reduce their risk of contracting viruses from infected patients in hospitals.

Our patient engagement platform in Poway offers 24/7 customer support for home healthcare services.

We are also helping healthcare professionals in Poway battle COVID-19 more effectively with accurate anti-body, PCR, asymptomatic COVID-19 test.

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