How Patient Engagement Platforms Make the Patient’s Life Better

A doctor using a remote patient monitoring platform on a tablet, with other doctors in the background.

Technological innovations have irrevocably changed the way we practice healthcare. Most healthcare providers agree that using collaborative and integrative technologies to connect doctors with patients leads to more precise and effective medical care.

Patient engagement platforms and telehealth services such as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) have revolutionized patient care. RPM technology uses cutting-edge health sensors that are attached to the patient’s body to detect and transmit information about their vitals to medical practitioners remotely.

In this piece, we’re going to explore the benefits that patient engagement platforms and telehealth services provide patients.

Greater Patient Engagement with Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Increasing value-based reimbursement and consumerism in healthcare has pushed hospitals and health systems to expand to find new methods of interaction with patients, helping them engage in self-care.

For medical practitioners and clinicians, being proactive with patient treatment necessitates teaching patients how to carry out care between clinical visits. Telehealth services such as remote monitoring allow doctors and patients to do this while cutting costs.

Increased Reach to Patients and Access to Healthcare Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed hospitals as they struggle with the growing number of cases throughout the country. Amidst limited hospital capacities and physician shortages, patient engagement platforms can help expand provider networks to provide people access to healthcare services.

Telehealth can also be used to improve healthcare access in rural areas where Critical Access Hospitals have limitations with respect to doctors, hospital beds, emergency department capacities, and more.

A screen monitoring a patient’s heart rate.

The Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

The pandemic pushed Congress, many federal agencies, and even states to introduce changes in healthcare regulation that includes several provisions for telemedicine services.

As mainstream medical care practices adopt telehealth services as a result of the provisions, private practices have already led the way in the adoption of services like RPM.

RPM Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Here are some of the main benefits of RPM for healthcare providers:

  • Higher patient reach

  • Easier access to patient data

  • Lower risk of burnout

  • Greater efficiency and lower costs

RPM services help decrease the number of patients, elderly patients, and clinical study participants crowding the waiting areas in clinics for updates on their condition. Round-the-clock monitoring can effectively replace regular checkups.

RPM Benefits for Patients

Patient engagement platforms and telehealth services have made patients’ lives easier too. Here are the main benefits of RPM services for patients:

  • Daily updates

  • Easier access to healthcare

  • Greater patient education

  • Improved feedback and support

As it becomes increasingly difficult to access healthcare from preferred doctors and physicians in the country, RPM helps improve practitioner workflows to provide diagnoses and treatment to more patients at any given time. As more healthcare facilities adopt RPM services, more patients will be able to access healthcare from their homes.

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